November 18, 2022


New Polling: 64 Percent of North Dakota Republicans Support Cannabis Reform

WASHINGTON – Today, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation (CPEAR) released new, original polling showing a strong majority (64 percent) of Republican voters in North Dakota support federal cannabis reform. The polling was conducted from October 17 – October 30, 2022, to better understand evolving Republican support for federal cannabis reform in key states.


“Republicans have an opportunity to lead on the issue of cannabis reform,” said CPEAR Executive Director Andrew Freedman. “GOP states across the country are increasingly becoming effective policy laboratories for how to regulate cannabis, while making gains to limit youth use and provide a common sense, science-based framework for effective law enforcement. This market isn’t going away – in fact, it seems to expand to new states every election cycle. This poll underpins how cannabis can be a winning issue for policymakers, veterans, states’ rights proponents, and constitutional conservatives.”


Key highlights of the poll in North Dakota:

  • Seventy-seven percent of Republican voters believe this is an issue that states should be allowed to decide;
  • A majority of North Dakota Republican voters would vote for someone who supported cannabis legislation (53 percent); and
  • When asked about limitations that exist within legalized states because of the federal prohibition, voters chose limitations on veterans as the most important and a prohibition for firearm purchase and possession being another high priority (71 percent and 65 percent, respectively).


Overall, fifty-one percent of Republican respondents say ending the federal prohibition of cannabis for adult use will limit the size of the federal government, protect states’ rights, and respect individual choice.


While debate continues about the federal government’s prohibition on cannabis, an increasing number of states are enacting policies that reflect the growing support for adult-use legalization among the American people. Today, 21 states and territories have legalized adult use cannabis and 37 states and territories have legalized cannabis for medical use.


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