March 26, 2024


New Polling Finds Overwhelming Majority of Conservative Wyoming Voters Support States’ Rights Approach to Cannabis Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation released new and original polling from Wyoming showing robust support for the STATES Act across significant demographics. The polling surveyed likely voters aged 21+ from each state and underscored voters’ clear preference for states to determine their cannabis policies.

“Wyoming voters are speaking loud and clear: a majority of Republicans back the STATES Act and are more inclined to support a Congressional candidate who champions it,” said Andrew Freedman, CPEAR Executive. “Voters understand the importance of having the right to choose what cannabis policies work best for them without interference from the federal government. The STATES Act will do just that by giving voters in The Cowboy State control over what happens in their own backyard. Congress should heed the people’s will and pass this bipartisan legislation now.”

Key highlights of the poll in Wyoming include:

  • 72% of voters support the STATES Act; and
  • 53% of voters say they would be more likely to vote for a Congressional candidate who supports the STATES Act; and
  • The most cited reason why Wyoming voters who support the STATES Act say they do so is because it protects states’ rights to decide locally.

Wyomingites understand that the STATES Act will give them more autonomy to decide on important cannabis issues. Commonsense cannabis reform that works for all 50 states is achievable, and there is broad support across the country to get this done.

Read more on the polling here.

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