Join the Growing Number of Law Enforcement Professionals Asking Congress to Pass Federal Cannabis Reform

Tell Congress to stop draining precious resources and start focusing on more serious and violent crime.

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is wasted each year by states enforcing cannabis laws.


of voters support federal cannabis reform.

Tell Congress To Support Federal Reform

Marching Toward A United Effort

The end of the federal prohibition on cannabis will provide greater support for training resources and research technologies that law enforcement can use to detect impairment of individuals driving under the influence of cannabis, also known as DUIC.
Restoring Trust Within Communities
Law enforcement agencies have been hit with budget cuts and are in desperate need of additional training. Cannabis reform will enable communities to better allocate resources toward training to deal with impaired driving situations and violent crime.
Stripping Revenue From Criminal Organizations
Cartels, transnational crime organizations, and street gangs prefer prohibition. Federal reform would transfer much needed resources to local communities while cutting off a line of revenue for criminals.

We Stand United in the Effort to Battle Illicit Market Grows

Getting Strong on Public Safety
Federal cannabis reform would increase law enforcement agency budgets, attracting high-quality officers who are dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of the community.

Tell Congress to Allow Officers to Focus on Violent Crime

Cannabis is here to stay. The question is, will we as a society continue to dedicate hundreds of thousands of hours and millions in law enforcement funding to arrest people for its responsible use?
Tell Congress To Support Federal Reform

Ask Our Lawmakers To Take Action on Cannabis Reform and Start Using Scarce Resources Responsibly

Enable law enforcement departments to efficiently use scarce resources at their disposal.