Join Thousands of Caregivers, Patients, and medical professionals in demanding federal Cannabis reform

Patients deserve peace of mind and access to quality health care on their terms.

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Truth in numbers...

150 million Americans
are living in states with legalized cannabis.

Medical patients deserve regulatory clarity and federal standards surrounding their medical products. Contact your members of Congress and ask them to support federal cannabis reform.


say cannabis should be legal for medical and recreational use1

38 states

allow for medical cannabis – and 21 of those also allow for adult use.

Marching Toward a United Effort

Be the change. Demand a federal framework that reflects the latest scientific evidence and supports safe, accessible medical cannabis treatment.

Unleash the Power of Science
Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, scientists are severely limited in their ability to conduct research on medical benefits. We can change that.
Help Veterans in Federal Healthcare Access Medical Cannabis
Join us in calling for comprehensive policies that empower doctors and veterans to make informed decisions about medical cannabis use.
Follow the science and keep laws and regulations up-to-date
Encourage lawmakers to base their decisions on the most up-to-date scientific evidence available and ensure that our laws and regulations reflect a modern, evidence-based approach rather than being influenced by outdated, inaccurate research and studies.
We the people demand policymakers prioritize the needs of patients by establishing policies and standards grounded in the latest scientific evidence.

Tell Congress To Support Federal Reform.

Ask Our Lawmakers To Take Action On Cannabis Reform And Respect Patient Care

Regulatory uncertainty at the federal level creates a complex situation for healthcare providers and patients seeking cannabis as a treatment option.

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Medical patients and health care providers deserve regulatory clarity. Make your voice heard.