Join Thousands of Veterans in Asking Congress To Support Cannabis Reform

Veterans fought for freedom, yet those who choose medical cannabis are treated unfairly under the current federal regime.

Truth in numbers...

There are approximately

20 million

veterans in the United States


of voters support federal cannabis reform.


of U.S. veterans support medical cannabis programs.


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Marching Toward A United Effort

Why are veterans placed at risk of losing their hard-earned benefits for the use of cannabis as a treatment option?
An estimated...
158 million Americans are living in states with legalized cannabis.
38 states have legalized cannabis for medical use and 21 states have legalized for recreational adult use.
Continued state-by-state expansion without federal oversight and coordination creates intractable problems for veterans, patients, regulators, law enforcement, and the public.
Fifty states with fifty different rules for cannabis means 20 million veterans have no standardization on critical issues like product format, testing, taxation, driving under the influence, or workplace safety.
A federal cannabis regulatory framework must be realized to create a safe and equitable cannabis industry in the United States – and to ensure veterans have access to cannabis without risking their benefits or without breaking the law.
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